The Cause for Erectile Dysfunction

The Cause for Erectile Dysfunction

The Cause for Erectile Dysfunction

There are many potential causes for male erectile dysfunction. Some of these involve blood vessels, muscles, nerves, emotions, hormones, and the brain. Your problems with erectile dysfunction can be a result of problems with any of these factors. Also, mental health concerns and stress can make your erectile dysfunction worse. Erectile dysfunction is a very sensitive topic, especially for men, but one that should be discussed so both partners can better enjoy their sexual encounters.

Many times, erectile dysfunction is caused by a combination of psychological and physical issues. As an example, you could have a physical condition that causes you to respond slower sexually. That, in turn, could calls you to be anxious about maintaining an erection. That anxiety could cause erectile dysfunction or make it worse.

A survey is necessary to determine the cause of impotence. An ultrasound is often used in diagnostics to measure the circulation of blood in the penis. Some doctors will also use an ultrasound to test stimulants. Other special tests are done if there is a potential for nerve damage.

There are some things you can do to help prevent erectile dysfunction and/or to make it better:

  • Eat healthy food
  • Exercise regularly
  • Don’t smoke
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol
  • Stay away from recreational drugs

Though it is important to engage in sexual activity regularly, you should avoid casual sex. There are many drugs that have been shown to cause erectile dysfunction. Typically, erectile dysfunction is treatable. You must talk with a specialist to determine the cause and the treatment for it, though. These days, dealing with erectile dysfunction and getting back into pleasurable intercourse is not difficult. There are many online sites where you can order prescription medicines for erectile dysfunction. Regardless of what you use for your erectile dysfunction, the aim is to improve your erection and make your sexual encounters more enjoyable.


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